Flush Cut Pliers for Edge Banding and Luthiers

The innovative Flush Cut Trimmer series from Ferndale, Washington based FastCap have been around for a while, and the company has now added a new Fret Puller for luthiers. The tools are designed to do a number of small but important tasks in the woodshop. There are now seven tools in the series – the Macro, Micro, HD, End Nippers, Power Shears and two tools made especially for luthiers. The Macro flush cut trimmers (shown in the four larger square images) are ideal for woodworkers who apply edge banding because they can get right up to the end of the board and cleanly snip off leftover tape. Just a quick rub with fine sandpaper finishes the job. They work great with standard thickness .018″ to .025″ wood and PVC banding. In the middle row of images from left are the Micro taking out a small brad; the HD (Heavy Duty) clipping nails and catching the debris with magnets – they’re not recommended for hardened steel; the End Nippers that can cut through edge banding up to 3mm and can also handle brass and copper; and the razor sharp Power Shears that can cut materials such as veneer, burlap and aluminum. The bottom row shows the luthier tools, the Fret Nipper and the new Fret Puller. FastCap tools are guaranteed for life.