Foam Pads for Any Sander


SurfPrep has locations in California and North Carolina, with nationwide distribution. The abrasives manufacturer has now introduced aftermarket foam sanding pads for rectangular and detail sanders, plus both 5″ and 6″ orbital sanders that woodworkers already own (the company also makes its own sanders). The pads have a hook-and-loop backer, so they simply attach to standard portable sanders. The highly flexible, tear-resistant material makes it easier to sand profiles such as molded cabinet door stiles and rails, counter edges and furniture restorations. Traditional hard backup pads ride across high spots on a surface, while softer foam pads add cushion and glide so the entire surface gets the same treatment, not just the high spots. The operator also has better control because the paper isn’t just grabbing high spots and making up its own mind where to go, and the resulting surface will accept stain and finish in a more even manner.