Four Beautiful Ulmia Squares from Peck Tool Company

For the last 86 years, the Peck Tool Company in Terrace Park, Ohio has been importing fine German woodworking hand tools. Among the latest offerings are four precision, highly accurate and beautifully made squares from Ulmia. There are 6” ($92.50), 10” ($99.50) and 13” ($108.50) try squares, and a 13-3/4” miter square ($109.50). These all have aluminum stocks with walnut inlays and the blued steel blades are hardened. The try square blades are marked with metric scales. A pair of screws allow for minor adjustments if they are ever required. Ulmia (formerly Anke) has been a highly respected name in German tool manufacturing since the 1950s and makes hand planes, workbenches and hand miter saws.