Free Shipping on Next Generation Air Cleaner

These days we’re unfortunately all too aware of respiratory challenges, so it’s good to see manufacturers addressing the problem of fine dust in the woodshop. Far more than a simple ceiling hung box with filters, the Stratus from Axiom Tool Group, Inc. in Westerville, Ohio draws fine dust down and away from the woodworker and propels clean, filtered air upward. It has about fifteen times the amount of filter material than a ceiling unit usually has, and it comes with a sixteen-foot cord. That means the unit can quickly be moved to where it’s needed most, rather than being fixed in one position. The high-capacity pleated filter has a washable pre-filter and woodworkers doing tasks such as engraving or burning can add an optional charcoal insert to handle smoke, fumes and odors. Just twist and lift to access the filters. From now until the end of 2020, Axiom will pay the shipping on new units ordered through its website and delivered in the U.S. Two models are available – the standard Stratus ($499), and the Stratus Pro ($699) that includes a stainless-steel body and removable charcoal insert. WoodEzine is an Amazon affiliate and if you use these last two links to shop, you can support the blog (free shipping may not apply).