Free Trial Version of CNC Guide


Rochester Hills in Michigan is home to Fanuc America, one of the manufacturers leading the way for woodshops to incorporate collaborative robots into the manufacturing process. The company understands that 2020 has created many challenges, and in particular for machine tool users and builders. So, for a limited time and at no cost, shops are invited to try Fanuc’s simulation tools to improve operations, test designs and develop advanced machine tool operators. To help its customers through some of the economic obstacles, the company is offering a free trial version of CNC Guide, its PC-based virtualization platform for control design, training and part programming. This is a one-time-only offer and for obvious reasons it will only be available for a limited time (until September 2020). To get more info or sign up, go to the CNC Guide Free Trial information page. If you decide to purchase the package, Fanuc offers flexible options with single or multi-seat licenses available, and special academic packages are also available for educational institutions.