Fuller Tapered Plug Cutters, Made in the USA

Being able to cut side-grain plugs in the woodshop lets a furniture maker disguise screw heads, and Tools for Working Wood is now offering tapered wood plug cutters that are made in the USA by W.L. Fuller of Warwick, Rhode Island. These cutters are part of Fuller’s full line of tapered drill, countersink, counter-bore and plug system. Tools for Working Wood began in the late 1990s as part of the Museum of Woodworking Tools, which is a virtual online museum (well worth a visit!) with exhibits about tools and their social context. Many woodworkers prefer using tapered plug cutters as opposed to straight-walled versions because screw holes are often damaged and irregular, plus they like the tighter fit. If you’re looking to fix and hide a hole, tapered plug cutters do the trick because a couple of taps with a hammer gives you a great, tight fit. W.L. Fuller’s tapered plug cutters make smooth, chamfered plugs that fit snugly in counter-bored holes. They don’t eject the plug – it remains in the board and can be broken out with a screwdriver, or released on the band saw The plug diameter is tapered so the ‘fat’ end is 0.010” oversize. TFWW carries four sizes: ¼”, ⅜”, ½” and ⅝”. Fuller makes both hex and round shank cutters, and we noticed that the listing on TFWW says they’re hex, but the photo shows round, so check before you buy. Prices are listed from $12.52 to $23.95.