General’s Infrared Floor and Ceiling-Mounted Air Filtration Units

General International’s new floor model air cleaner (item 10-1440, $599.99) will be on display at the AWFS Fair® in Las Vegas from July 20th through the 23rd. A pending patent relates to the unit’s SMART™ infrared dust sensor control system, which can detect more than 1-micron particles in the air such as cigarette smoke, house dust, mold, pollen, spores and fine wood dust. The machine has two running modes – manual and auto Start-Stop. In manual mode, the airflow rate and the timing from one to twenty-four hours can be set using a remote control. In the automatic mode, the machine can autorun according to start and stop values that can be preset by the user. When the running time reaches the preset value, a display screen will light the indicator that prompts the user to change the filter. A woodworker can regularly observe the dust condition of the outer initial filter element according to that prompt, or do so physically, and then clean or replace it.

    The 10-1440 has a triple filtration combination with an electrostatic adsorption function to enhance the filtering effect on fine particles. The cylindrical shape saves floor-space and the 360 degrees of the perimeter filter access allows the dust to enter from any direction. Woodshops can also add an optional activated carbon filtration layer and a HEPA filtration layer. The folding handle and flexible universal casters on this unit help the machine to move freely. It has a three-speed adjustable, high speed/low noise centrifugal blower and a quick-release clip to replace the filter element.

General will be showcasing several of its award-winning new woodworking products at AWFS. The company’s latest SMART technology products are designed to help users improve the quality of their work while keeping their environments clean and healthy. The products on display will include General’s new automated digital table saw and a couple of ceiling-hung air filtration devices.

The new SMART table saw (which WoodEzine reported on in February) lets the woodworker use a digital keypad located on the front of the fence to easily program the blade height and tilt. Once the fence is zeroed out, the user can plug in any cut dimension and with the simple push of a button, the saw creates the precise rip cut needed. This is particularly helpful for repetitive cuts where one touch of the button will move the fence. The table saw is available in four models (motors and table sizes change).

General will also be showcasing the new SMART Table Saw Retro Fence, which is the first digital, automated consumer table saw fence system on the market. It mounts to any table saw with a table depth between 27” and 30” and is available in both 36 and 52-inch rip capacities.

Similar to the floor model air filtration unit, General’s new ceiling-mounted Auto Sensor Air Cleaners also use SMART infrared dust sensor control system. The larger unit (item 10-2000, $799.99) has a four-layer filtration system that includes an electrostatic filter, an eight-bag inner filter, a diffuser filter, and an optional PM2.S filter. These combine to remove 99% of all particles that are 5 microns in size, and 85% of particles 1 micron in size. The smaller unit (10-1000, $399.99) has a two-layer, high-efficiency filtration system with an air diffuser that disperses outgoing air into a broader pattern. It also has electrostatic absorption, which enhances the filtration effect on fine particles and toxic pollution particles.

And to round up the options, General has also released a “SMART Switch” Dual Action Switch Dust Collector, which allows users to easily plug the tool they are using directly into the dust collector. The dust collector automatically turns on along with the tool and runs for an additional eight seconds after the tool is turned off, in order to collect every last bit of sawdust and other contaminants.