glueBox is PUR Edge-banding Without a Glue Pot

glueBox is PUR Edge-banding Without a Glue Pot!

An accessory called glueBox for Felder Group’s Format4 tempora F600 60.06 edge-bander is designed to make the processing of PUR glue easier and effortless.

It eliminates PUR drawbacks such as complicated processing, dirty and hardened glue pots and complex storage. Instead of the PUR adhesive being in the glue pot of the edge-bander, glueBox almost invisibly fuses a thin PUR adhesive strip between the edge material and the workpiece. Basically, there are two tapes being run together. One is glue and the other is edge-band.

With glueBox, the machine is ready to use in just 90 seconds. The operator can choose between coils of 25 or 100 meters long, and 16, 19, 28 or 40 mm in width. The system offers tool-free glue strip replacement and there is no additional compressed air requirement. Plus, it can revert to using a gluepot at any time. But perhaps the most appealing aspect of glueBox is that there is no manual clean-up.  

Of course, saving money is also quite appealing. Felder says that when one takes all costs into account (and that includes the investment in the equipment, the adhesive material consumption and employee time spent cleaning), the glueBox can save approximately 70 per cent when compared to conventional PUR granulate processing.

The F600 also offers an air cushion table for easy and gentle material handling, and a smartouch control unit with z-motion PLUS.

The table helps with large-size and surface-sensitive workpieces. When they are placed directly on the machine’s infeed ruler and it is equipped with a 0.75 kW blower motor, there’s a constant air cushion between the machine table and the resting workpiece that ensures easy and gentle parts feeding. The solid table construction with a 1050 x 400 mm supporting surface (with an additional air cushion table expandable to 2000 x 400 mm) and the flexible extendable frame guarantee maximum stability during workpiece feed.

The control unit and a network connection reduce manual settings to a minimum and deliver quick, easy, and intuitive selection and control of the aggregate. The unit also provides complete monitoring of all machine functions from the screen. There’s unlimited memory for user-defined edge programs; a maintenance plan and an odometer for total meters of material used; a simple and self-explanatory representation of the units and their functions; aggregate selection with exact fine adjustment of the motor-positionable aggregates (with accuracy of up to 1/100 mm); and a glue temperature setting and automatic temperature reduction of the glue while in standby mode. The smartouch control unit is now available with 10.4″ and 15″ monitors.

glueBox just won a Visionary Award at AWFS ®Fair.