Grass Tipmatic Soft-Close and Sensomatic Opening Systems

Grass Tipmatic Soft Close and Sensomatic Opening Systems

The two new systems from Grass America provide superior technology for the gentle opening and soft closing of drawers. They are designed for easy operating of drawers with a handle-free design, allowing the drawer to open with just one touch anywhere on the front.

The Tipmatic system is mechanical, while the Sensomatic is an electronically assisted mechanism.

The Tipmatic system is compatible with Grass America’s Dynapro, Vionaro, or Nova Pro Scala drawer systems and its installation eliminates the need for handles – which is ideal for contemporary, straight-lined furniture. The one-touch option means customers can gently touch the drawers just once to trigger opening. They are guaranteed to close softly with Tipmatic’s soft-close liquid damper technology.

The Sensomatic system opens drawers with just one gentle touch and applies soft-closing action upon closing. The system opens drawers evenly, even when there is uneven weight distribution within the drawers, such as with trash and recycling bins. It’s available specifically for waste bin drawers. This opening system is compatible with Grass America’s Nova Pro Scala, Vionaro, and Dynapro drawer systems.

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