Great Price on A Set of Twelve Schaaf Carving Tools

Great Price on A Set of Twelve Schaaf Carving Tools

It’s only been around a couple of years, but Schaaf Tools has already earned a reputation for supplying decent carving chisels at a great price. For example, the company is now offering its 12-Piece Foundation Set (which is a great starter set) at $97.95. Carving magazines and YouTube™ pros have said that the tools are surprisingly good. (We haven’t tried them in the WoodEzine shop, so those are secondhand endorsements.). Considering that regular carving tools start at about $30 each, the Schaaf price ($8.16 apiece and they even throw in a canvas tool roll) is surprising and quite inviting. Here’s what the company says about their product:

“Schaaf Tools Full Size Wood Carving Set features the 12 essential tools you need to start any carving project, from an intricate relief panel to a life-sized bust, or from a house sign to a caricature figure. These hand-selected gouges and chisels allow beginners to get started carving, intermediate carvers to add to their collection, and professionals to have a backup set or a set to grind at a different bevel. This tool set accommodates everyone.”

The tools will need sharpening before use, and there’s a complimentary eBook on sharpening. Woodworkers can also order a hand-sharpened Premium Set for $140.99.

The eBook includes information on the best woods for carving, and the pros and cons of different sharpening stones. The company has also put together some videos for beginner carvers, including one on how to carve your first project with expert Joe Dillett.

Each Schaaf tool is crafted from alloy chromium-vanadium steel, and it is hardened to Rockwell C60. The European style handles are ash.

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