South Bend SB1117 Oscillating Sander

Grizzly Introduces an Industrial-duty Edge Sander from South Bend

The new South Bend Tools model SB1117 is a 9″ wide oscillating edge sander that lists for $5,050 plus $249 freight. The belt length is 138-1/2″. This is a large-capacity machine with a heavy-duty, precision-ground, cast-iron table that spans the length of the sanding belt. There’s a 3 HP motor (220 volt, single phase, drawing 15 Amps) that drives the belt at 4120 FPM, and there is smooth 1/4″ oscillation action that delivers an even finish and prolonged belt life.

The machine also has an auxiliary contour sanding table (sort of like a drum sander) and the table for this has 8″ of vertical travel to take full advantage of the belt’s width.

Sanding belt changes on the SB1117 are fast and easy with a quick-release belt tension lever and some roller adjustment features. The platen size is 9-1/2″ x 47-1/2″, and the surface is graphite coated. The main table is 11-3/4″ wide and 47-3/4″ long, which is ideal for working on the edges of cabinet doors. It tilts from zero to forty-five degrees and can be raised or lowered up to 8” to take advantage of lesser used portions of the belt. The table height is adjusted with a handwheel on the front (nice!), and there’s a miter stop for detailing parts. In addition, the end guards on the machine can swing away, for edge sanding long boards.

The auxiliary table on the end of the belt (used for curved work) is quite large at 13″ wide and 18″ long.

This new machine has two 4” dust ports, one at each end. The righthand one serves most of the belt and the left-hand one serves the contour sanding table and some residue from the flat area of the belt. The machine takes up 24-1/2″ x 42″ of floorspace (its footprint), and has overall dimensions of 82″ wide, 24″ deep and about 45-1/2” tall. This is a serious machine – it’s shipping weight is 873 lbs.

The SB1117 comes with a 2-year warranty. Customer service and the parts warehouse are U.S. based. Grizzly Industrial and South Bend Tools have some ownership in common.

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