Grizzly G0925

Grizzly’s New G0925 is an 8″ Benchtop/Portable Drill Press

On sale through the end of May for $94.95 (list price is $109.95) the new little drill press has an 8″ swing and is powerful enough to drill through metal, wood and other materials. With a cast-iron base it’s remarkably stable for such a compact drill press, yet it’s lightweight and jobsite portable at just 34 lbs. At the price, it’s a nice complement to a full-size press and can save time in set-ups when a woodworker just needs to drill a few holes. There’s a 1/3 HP motor and five speed ranges from 740 – 3140 RPM (two pulley belt change). It has a maximum drill capacity of 1/2″ through cast iron or mild steel, and the JT33 keyed drill chuck accepts bits as small as 1/16″. The spindle has 2″ of travel and a depth scale on the headstock that includes an adjustable depth stop for predetermined and repeatable drilling.

The precision-ground cast iron table on this little press is is 6-1/2″ square and it tilts 45° left or right. It also swivels a full 360° around the steel column, so the press could be mounted at the edge of a bench for working on the top of tall parts. The table has two 5/8″ T-slots that are 4-3/8″ on center. The table height lock handle allows for easy adjustability up, down and around the column. The motor is 120-volt single-phase, drawing 2.3 Amps. The distance from the spindle to the table is 7-1/2″, and the overall dimensions of the drill press are 9″ wide x 12-1/2″ deep x 23-1/2″ high. As with all of Grizzly’s drill presses, the G0925 comes with a 1-year warranty which covers parts and factory defects.

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