Qi Inductive Hidden Charging System

Grothouse Hidden Wireless Charging System

Germansville, Pennsylvania based Grothouse sent us an email announcing that the company has added a simple and elegant under-counter charger option to its countertops. The Qi Inductive Hidden Charging System is an integrated charging system that marries luxury wood surfaces with highly functional, completely hidden, seamless, wire-free charging for a wide range of mobile devices, tablets, smart watches, and earbuds. It can be installed directly into wood surfaces or countertops to offer an elegant charging experience.

Even the wires needed for the hidden charger are tucked away where they cannot be seen and locating the charging station is simple. Grothouse counters can be ordered with the company’s signature diamond mark engraved into the spot where the charger is located.

The charger comes preinstalled from the factory and the woodshop just needs to plug a cord into it. Outlets will be required under the counter surface to plug in the charger. Compatible devices include Samsung, iPhone, Amazon, LG, Google Pixel and Motorola phones, plus Apple Air pods and Apple Watches.