Guide Rail Squares

If you’re breaking down sheet goods without a table saw, two new products in the Lee Valley catalog should be of interest. These two attachments from TSO Products greatly improve speed and accuracy when making square cuts with a track saw. Easily mounted to a Festool, Triton or Makita guide, they essentially convert the rail into a large try square, providing an accurately square surface to register against the edge of the work. Each version simply slides into the T-slot on the underside of the rail and locks firmly in position using an integral draw clamp, which hooks onto the lip on the edge of the rail and pulls the guide rail square. The CNC-machined anodized aluminum body provides a 15-3/4″ long, 5/8″ thick registration surface for a reliable ninety degree reference against a panel edge. The low-profile body won’t obstruct movement while you make a cut, and a small notch in the underside accommodates a track-saw guide clamp.

The GRS-16 square (bottom right in photo) is designed to be registered on the front edge of a panel. Hooking your thumb into the triangular cutout in the body lets you brace the square snug against your work throughout the cut. The GRS-16 PE parallel-edge square (top left in photo) has two machined reference faces, so it can be used on either the front or back edge of a panel. That’s useful when cutting profiled or beveled panels, or in other situations where the front edge of the panel cannot be used for reliable registration. Offered as a set and also sold separately, the two models can be used individually or in combination. The latter allows you to register against both edges at the same time for greater accuracy when making long rip cuts.