Hand Tool Set

It’s Garrett Wade’s 45th anniversary and the company is celebrating with some special products Among them is a boxesd set of two planes and a spoke shave. “These three indispensable woodworking tools come in a lovely pine presentation and storage box,” the company says. “Both planes are made of cast iron, with brass accents and carbon steel blades. Use the #4 smoothing plane to square and smooth boards during final finishing. The #60½ block plane has an adjustable mouth, making it a useful all-purpose tool and to help avoid tear-outs. Both planes come with the “Garrett Wade 45th Anniversary” logo on the side. The 9½” long spoke shave is used for shaping and smoothing rounded pieces like table or chair legs or lamps. (Traditionally, a spoke shave was used to shape wagon wheel spokes, hence the name). The pine storage box is 11″ x 9¾” x 2¾” tall, and makes a great kit for a furniture maker, or for general shop use.