Bauer mobile storage from Harbor Freight

Harbor Freight Modular Organizers

New from Harbor Freight are several elements in the Bauer™ storage and organizing system, including the modular organizer (item 58513, $34.99) that manages up to 33 lbs. of parts, fasteners, or small tools. It’s built from durable high-impact resin to withstand job-site conditions, and the overall system offers more than fifty ways to customize and stack different elements. The organizer is IP65 rated watertight and dust proof, has metal latches and contains twelve removable organizer trays. Bauer’s modular storage tote (58649, $19.99) has a 50 lb. load capacity for tools and parts. The system’s small toolbox (58510, $29.99) has a 25 lb. maximum weight capacity, six removable organizer trays with lids to keep small parts organized and secure, metal latches and side handles. The large toolbox (58511, $39.99) holds up to 50 lbs. and is IP65 rated. It’s 12-1/2” tall, 13-1/4” wide and 21-1/2” long. And the modular rolling toolbox (58512, $69.99) is the backbone of the modular storage system. It can haul up to 60 lbs. of tools on large, smooth-rolling casters and it has an extendable handle that pushes down and out of the way. It also has a removable organizer tray. The entire system comes in at just under $200.