Heated Hoodie Kit with Portable Power Adapter

There’s nothing as miserable as installing siding or perhaps a deck in cold weather. Bosch’s new Heated Hoodie Kit (GHH12V-20) lets anyone who owns a Bosch 12-Volt Max battery stay warm on the job through the winter months. It’s made of light and flexible material, and has three powered heating zones. There are two in the chest area and one at the lower back, all of which are strategically placed for thorough and efficient heating. The hoodie has a large adjustable hood for complete coverage. Three temperature settings are available for control and comfort. The kit includes the GAA12V-21 12V Max Portable Power Adapter, which enables users to take full advantage of their Bosch 12V Max battery, delivering heat to the hoodie as well as 2.1 Amps of accessory power for a cellphone.

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