Carbide glue scraper from Woodcraft

Here’s a Clever Use for Carbide Inserts – A Glue Scraper

Scrapers don’t generally get a lot of attention, but they’re the unsung heroes for old finish and glue removal. Most woodworkers use chisels, old plane blades, pocketknives or basically anything steel with an edge.

Woodcraft asks: “why just get by when there’s an actual scraper that feels as good as it works?” The company says that its WoodRiver® Mini Glue Scraper (item 179722, $19.99) makes removing excess glue squeeze-out or small areas of old finish easy and efficient. This pull-style scraper uses a square or radius carbide insert cutter held at a 30° angle to the handle. The handle shape and the blade angle combine to allow the user to hold the scraper at a comfortable angle while effectively scraping in either up-close or long reach applications. The handle’s ergonomic design provides a few different grip options for maximum comfort.

The cutters have four cutting edges, so a fresh edge can be rotated into position whenever the cutting edge becomes dull. The tool’s overall dimensions are 6-5/16″ long and 15/32″ wide. The carbide cutters are 19/32″ square and are held in place with a hex screw. The tool comes with one square cutter and one slightly radiused one, plus an Allen wrench. Replacement cutters are sold separately (item 179723, $11.99 for two – one of each style).