High-end, Professional Screw Guns

On September 11th, WoodEzine reported on the new ASM 18-3 PC, a professional grade cordless screwdriver from Fein that can handle up to 27 inch-pounds of torque. The company, which is located in Pittsburgh, has added two big brothers to the line, the 18-8 (item 71127860090) and the 18-12 (71127960090). The former is rated at 71 inch-pounds, and the latter at 106. These cordless screwdrivers are “parameterizable” (it’s a mathematical term that means they can be controlled by a finite set of parameters) with mechanical shut-off clutches. The parameters that a woodworker can control or change are the speed, direction of rotation, angle of rotation, torque threshold and time. Their speed is infinitely variable, and the bodies are short enough for narrow spaces. Fein says that they are the “lightest tool in the market (with 12 V / 3 Ah storage battery)”. They have an optimized air guide, so air doesn’t blow on hands or faces, and they also have a multi-Volt interface, which means they can be used with all FEIN li-ion batteries (12-18 V).