High Quality Sanding Packs from Uneeda at Introductory Prices

Based in Spring Valley, New York, Uneeda is now offering new combo packs of 5” discs or 3” x 4” sheets. Each pack has three sets of twenty Ekastorm discs or sheets in 80, 120 and 150 grit, and two sets of Filmtek in 180 and 220 grit. Ekastorm is ideal for sanding raw hardwood or softwood and because it’s made with a strong and flexible paper backing it’s suited for both flat and curved surfaces. It can also be used for sanding MDF or particleboard plus and sealer or lacquer. Filmtek is perfect for finish sanding, or for sanding between coats of paint or stain where the tear-resistant, waterproof film backing allows for better flexibility and durability, and it will outlast paper in these applications. The hook and loop with 5 holes are item P-106327, 100 discs or sheets, $39.99. The hook and loop with no holes are item P-106328, $35.99. Sheet packs are no-hole (P-106330, $27.99) and 4-hole (P-106329, $30.99).