Highly Efficiant Edge-banding system for Small and Mid-Sized Woodshops

IMA Schelling Group U.S. in Morrisville, North Carolina has introduced the RTS P-One, an intelligent edge-banding cell designed to help mid-sized production floors achieve the production of two edge-banders in less floor space. The cell expands output by up to 50% with limited downtime for material movement and stack changes, with half the manpower required for traditional edge-banders. System elements include a single-sided Novimat Compact R3 edge-bander driven by IMA’s Intelligent Process Control.NETwork (IPC.NET). That’s an intuitive control software that “is proven to drive automation, increase productivity in enterprise-level production and deliver unrivaled production control and custom flexibility”. Also included is a Barbaric high-powered and fully automated RTS return system with gantry and conveyor, which is designed specifically for automated edge-banding systems. Traditional cross-lift return edge-banding requires two operators and manual stacking of product, regularly runs empty during stacking and loading, and can only run one job a at a time. The RTS P-One needs only one operator, requires no manual changeover, automatically returns parts needing further processing and de-stacks finished parts. IMA Schelling Group will purchase any make or model of edge-bander for trade-in value toward the RTS P-One Intelligent Edge-banding Cell.