Hole Saws That Don’t Get Plugged!

On January 12th, Milwaukee® released the next generation of its new Hole Dozer™ bimetal hole saws. With a 3.5 TPI (tooth per inch) design, the updated tools have an all-access slot design for easier plug removal. The openings in the walls also increase visibility when it comes to the pilot bit, and that means more accurate placement. The new hole saws are “proudly made in the USA and feature the industry’s only Lifetime Tooth Break warranty, making them the most durable hole saws in the market”. They have a Thermoset coating that delivers up to two times faster cuts in wood, plus that trademarked Plug Jack™ access slot design for fast plug removal, and they also have 8% cobalt in the bimetal for increased wear resistance. Milwaukee is also releasing new hole saw cases that have interchangeable pegs so they’re compatible with all of the company’s hole saws. The small cases easily fit into Packout™ storage cases. Diameters available range from 9/16” to 6”.