Jorgensen E-Z HOLD expandable bar clamp

Jorgensen E-Z HOLD expandable bar clamp

Introduced a few months ago and now widely available, the E-Z Hold expandable bar clamp is a very ergonomic tool that lends itself to one-handed pressuring. It’s ideal for lining up assemblies for glue and mechanical fasteners, or for holding components in place while the woodworker marks the locations for joinery or hardware. But one feature really stands out here. There’s a dovetail machined into the head of each clamp, and this interlocks perfectly with another clamp. That means that two E-Z Hold clamps can be connected head-to-head to expand their length to more than double the opening capacity of a single clamp. The top (smaller) jaw can be revered so it sits below the bar on each clamp, and the two larger handle-side jaws are then used to apply pressure (see photo).

These tools can be easily converted to spreader clamps, too. The top jaw simply slides off when the release button is pushed, and it can be reversed and reinstalled at the other side of the handle. No tools are required. The clamp’s contoured comfort grip and quick‑release lever provide a firm grasp, while the deep‑reach pads help protect the workpiece.

These clamps feature Jorgensen’s multiple disk clutch design, which has proven itself to be very reliable with no slippage and instant adjustments in either direction. The large jaws (2-1/2” of clamping capacity) spread out the pressure on a glued-up assembly.

E-Z HOLD expandable bar clamps are available in light (150 lbs.), medium and heavy-duty versions. The light duty clamps come in 6” and 12” versions, and the medium duty ones are available in 6”, 12”, 18”, 24” and 36” lengths.

Click HERE for a short YouTube™ video introduction to the clamps.

And for new woodworkers, our free primer is HERE.