Keystone’s New Feature Doors


Keystone Wood Specialties in Lancaster, Pennsylvania announced its new Feature Doors program in June. This is a collection of door samples that show customers the latest popular designs and finishes. They’re ideal for adding new door samples to showrooms, or for use in sales visits. Woodworkers can purchase samples in kits of 6 or 10 doors, or even buy them individually. All of the Feature Doors samples are 12” x 15″ in size. Woodshop owners who want to quote a Feature Door for a job can enter the door name in the company’s INSTANT PRICING system and all of the specs will populate automatically. Keystone is also offering a dedicated Carrying Case makes it easy to carry the samples to the customer’s home. The vinyl case has two inside collapsible dividers, two programmable combination lock closures, a telescoping handle and a couple of wheels. Its outside measurements are 18″ x 16″ x 9 1/2″. For more information on the new program, or to order doors or a case, contact customer service via email, call (800) 233.0289, or click on the Feature Doors link above.