Kitchen Design… On Your Phone


It looks like a tape measure, but the Cubit is a lot more. It’s a camera, laser and design tool all in one that connects to a smartphone via Bluetoothâ„¢ and transmits all kinds of information in real time. The accompanying app in the phone functions as a design center, letting a woodworker take photos of an actual space and then use ‘mixed reality’ to get the feel for how a final project will look. It lets him/her add photos of features with actual background dimensions. That means that hobbyists and handymen or kitchen or bath designers can add features based on their actual size – features such as picture frames, cabinets, windows, doors and more. And because the visual design tool is in real life scale, is fully interactive and can be easily manipulated, it can be used to give clients an accurate image of what a space will look like after the work is done. It’s very precise, requires no math, and uses two lasers to measure up to 100 feet in two directions (height and width) simultaneously, The company, Plott, has offices in Dover, New Jersey and also makes a next generation measuring wheel (top left in photo).