47146 bit from Amana

Laminate Trim Bit with a Square Bearing from Amana Tool

A square bearing on a flush trim bit will stop spinning when it contacts the wood, and that stops it spreading any glue or scratching polished surfaces. The new bit (item 47146) from Amana is a carbide tipped laminate trimmer with a Euro™ brand square bearing. The 2-flute bit is 1/2” diameter with 1/2” cutting height, and it has a 1/4” shank. The overall length is 2-1/8” A replacement bearing (SQB100) is available, as are other sizes (3/4” diameter, 1/2” shank).

The bits are designed with a slight taper that allows for adjustment up or down on the work edge, so a woodworker can finish off the edge with a smooth and burr-free cut. The square bearing is manufactured with a strong, non-stick, Teflon® coating that leaves no marks on high gloss, finished edges. Glue won’t stick to the bearing, and the beveled cutter means little or no hand filing. The cutter can be resharpened.