Axiom CNC Classes Online

Learn How to Operate a Small CNC with Online Classes from Axiom

Many woodworkers would love to take the plunge and buy a small CNC, but the learning curve is holding them back. To the uninitiated, the computer side of CNC looks complicated and intimidating. Drawing parts in a CAD program seems light years away from a pencil and paper.

Well, here comes the cavalry!

Axiom Precision makes a line of small CNC routers and has offered hands-on training for quite a while. Now the company is offering training online through a package of twenty-nine videos for $299. Collectively called the Vectric/Axiom Level-1 Online Training Class, these are individual training modules that contain the same content that is presented in the live, in-house Level-1 course. Woodworkers can learn how to use Vectric CNC drawing software, and also gain Axiom CNC machine experience from the comfort of their home or shop. The classes fully explore 2D, 2.5D, and 3D aspects of Vectric VCarve and Aspire software, offering a step-by-step explanation of their features. All of the video modules are available to watch on-demand for 30 days from the time of purchase, and they may be viewed as many times as one wishes within that 30-day period. As with the in-person classes, a PC with Vectric VCarve or Aspire software installed is recommended to get the most benefit out of the class.

Interested woodworkers can visit the enrollment page for more details.

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