Learn OnRobot - A Free Online Learning Platform

Learn OnRobot – A Free Online Learning Platform

Staying with our robots in the woodshop theme (see yesterday’s post), there’s a new way to learn what you need to get up and running. Designed to guide users of all skill levels through the steps required to design and deploy collaborative robots (cobots), a new platform called Learn OnRobot includes an extensive library of simple and direct ‘How To’ videos and 3D simulations. Together they provide detailed information on using cobots forjobs such as sanding, machine tending, and pick & place operations. Accessible via PC, smartphone or tablet, the platform can contribute to faster and easier deployment of a new robot, and may break down of some of the barriers that shop owners have when it comes to using automation. It also means that employees can have easy access to Learn OnRobot resources from the shop floor during the deployment process. It guides users step-by-step through the process of designing and deploying cobots that are using OnRobot tools such as grippers, vision cameras, processing kits, and sensors. And it does that for all major cobot and light industrial robot brands.

Because Learn OnRobot helps with faster and more effective cobot deployment, it lets managers respond quickly to challenging labor conditions. For example, if a cobot needs to step in and replace a missing worker, it won’t take half a day to set that up.

The easy-to-navigate Learn OnRobot platform has three main sections that are organized to help visitors get straight to the information they need. The ‘Application’ section provides overviews of different collaborative applications, including best practices and deep dives into the specifics of other shops’ successes. The ‘Product’ section provides guidance on the OnRobot tool(s) that are best suited to each collaborative application, along with integration tips and insights. And the ‘Robot Integration’ section shows how to integrate the application with the robot arm, featuring separate tutorials for each supported brand of robot arms.

As OnRobot expands its line of tools, additional resources will be added to this new Learn OnRobot platform, which contributes to making it a continuing education resource. And the new platform is complemented by the company’s free, two-day training courses that are held monthly in Dallas, Texas, so now you have no more excuses to put off looking at using robots in the woodshop!