Lee Valley to Carry the Wagner Orion 930 Dual Depth Moisture Meter

With an expected delivery date of March 2nd to its warehouse, Lee Valley is currently pre-selling the Orion 930 in its online store. The company also has twenty physical stores across Canada and has now opened a location in Reno, Nevada. Using electromagnetic wave technology to measure wood moisture accurately, this Wagner meter has no pins so it won’t damage wood surfaces. In shallow-scanning mode it tests wood from 5/16″ to 3/4″ thick and in deep mode it can read stock from 3/4″ to 1-3/4″ thick. This lets a woodworker or sawmill/kiln operator scan boards of varying thicknesses or read thick lumber at the center as well as at the surface, to identify moisture gradients that are typical of case hardening. The meter computes the average moisture content for the area scanned, corrects for the specific gravity of the species being tested, and shows the result (from 4% to 32% in 0.1 increments) on the digital display. To ensure accuracy, the included white plastic calibrator lets you easily calibrate the meter on-site. A removable protective bumper reduces the risk of damage to the meter from knocks or falls and an auto shut-off feature helps preserve battery life. It comes with a battery, a manual, a species settings booklet and a fitted storage case. Plus, it’s backed by a manufacturer’s 7-year warranty. Made in USA, $329.