LestaUSA Self-Learning Robot and Cart Finishing System

LestaUSA Self-Learning Robot-and-Cart Finishing System

The idea of endless programming or having to learn complicated CNC controls can make a woodworker hesitate when it comes to investing in a robot to finish furniture.

Now a robot and cart system from South Dakota based LestaUSA may change that. A shop lets its best painter spray a coating on a piece of furniture and the robot follows every movement and every trigger pull. It literally learns from working hand-in-hand with a real person who is dry spraying with an infrared beam (inset photo) or wet spraying with an actual coating, rather than having somebody create countless toolpaths.  

The system consists of a robotic arm and a table that is coordinated to rotate parts as the robot sprays. The robot will work with any existing or new tow cart or smart cart system.

The LestaUSA system can empower experienced employees to use their knowledge to automate repetitive painting tasks, and that frees them up to fine tune the process. It can also increase engagement from the production team by giving them more control over the process. The system automatically moves parts through the coating process with programmable cart paths and process times. An interface controls every stop, pause and path for each component, and parts transfers are automated to reduce handling time and increase gun-on spray time. The system allows the operator to specify the rotation of each part on the cart while painting the item in real time, in self-learning mode.

The bottom line is that a shop can produce up to 50% more furniture, drawers, panels and doors without needing to increase staff. Plus, each solution is built, supported, and integrated in the USA, for peace of mind.

The robot will cost-effectively transfer parts within a small footprint and the system only requires one operator to load and unload the carousel. It works for almost any cabinet, chair or furniture option, and the program is saved and used for consistency on future items.

There are two ways that LestaUSA robots can automate the finishing process. The robot can either duplicate the precise movements of a shop’s best painter and do so in a weightless self-learning mode, or it can be programmed using a 2D or 3D scanner to paint panels, drawers, boxes and doors. And unlike most robotic painting and finishing systems, LestaUSA robots don’t require complicated programming or teach pendants. In fact, they system is so easy that a woodshop can be painting and finishing robotically on Day One. LestaUSA robots are perfect for any size company that is applying liquid or powder coating on metal, wood or composite materials.

Woodworkers can experience this game-changing, award-winning technology in person at the LestaUSA showroom in DeGeest Steel Works near Sioux Falls.

There’s also a short video online showing exactly how the system works.