Lightweight Triton Plane Now Available in the U.S.

It has been on the market overseas for more than a year, and the Triton Mini Planer is now available in the U.S. The lightweight tool (5 lbs.) has a 2-3/8” wide cut, a 3.8 Amp motor, and a reasonable price – WoodEzine found it at retailers such as Rockler and Woodcraft for $89.99. The TMN-PL plane has a very precise 6-stop depth control and a safety lock-off button and trigger switch. There’s a rubber over-molded handle and a right-hand side dust/chip extraction port for connection to the included bag, or a vacuum (sorry, Lefties, it’s not reversible). But what is reversible are the two knives, and there’s on-board storage for the wrench to change them. The plane has an aluminum alloy base and the portion in front of the blade has two differently sized V grooves for chamfering, which makes it easy to ease an edge. On the back section of the base, there’s a little foot (Triton calls it a parking rest) that folds up automatically when planing and engages when the tool is set on a surface, to save both knives and surface from nicks. The motor’s no-load speed is 16,000 RPM, which of course delivers 32,000 cuts per minute because there are two knives. As with any portable plane, it’s a little noisy (LWA=95.7dB, LPA=84.7dB), so earplugs are in order.