Magnetic Drill Press and Band Saw Fences

A pair of new drill press fences from Mag-Tools in Lafayette, Colorado are currently being pre-sold for an April launch. This game-changing device uses powerful, switched magnets (they have ON/OFF) to lock a steel fence in place. One magnet can lock one end of the fence and the operator can swing the other end to position and then lock it down. There is also a stop system that uses a switched magnet, and this can be used to hold down parts, too. The magnets hold the fence at a very precise 90 degrees to the table. The net result is that this fence can save a lot of set-up time, can be installed or removed in a few seconds, and provides woodworkers with an instant way to line up work and drill precisely. The magnets can be positioned at different points on the fence, and the large vertical plate (fence) won’t interfere with the drill chuck, even when drilling holes close to the fence. Plus, this drill fence can also be used on the band saw as a re-saw fence. The large pro version of the fence (item 81101371, $199.99) is 21 inches long by 4-5/16 inches high. The smaller hobbyist version (item 81101375, $149.99) measures 13 inches long by 2-1/2 inches high.