Metabo 5” Disc Grinder G13BYEQ is High on Safety

Metabo 5” Disc Grinder is Rich in Safety Features

A new 12 Amp corded paddle switch disc grinder from Metabo HPT (item G13BYEQ) has been rated the Best Small Angle Grinder by Pro Tool Reviews 2022. This is a high torque brushless tool for cutting and grinding applications, and the AC motor requires minimal maintenance with the added benefits of reduced tool weight and size. It has a kick-back reduction safety feature that quickly shuts off power in the event of a bound wheel. That can extend the life of the gears as well as protecting the user from potential harm. Indeed, it has several other safety features that are designed to reduce user fatigue and the risk of injury. There’s an internal inverter circuit that regulates an uneven power supply when the woodworker is using a generator; the paddle switch can’t be activated unless the lock off lever is pushed down; an electronic brake stops the wheel within seconds when the paddle is released; and there’s zero voltage restart protection that prevents restarting if the power is temporarily cut during operation and then restarts. The tool also has a soft start that reduces the load felt by the user at startup, and there’s a fine mesh dust filter that prevents dust particles from entering the motor housing. The motor has a no-load speed of 10,000 RPM and the tool can handle a wide variety of grinding/cutting tasks. It comes with a Filter Set (item 37613), a Side Handle (318312), a wrench (938332Z) and a 4mm hex bar wrench (944458). We saw it offered on the Acme Tools site at $159.