MatchFit table on Powermatic drill press

MicroJig and Powermatic Introduce New Drill Press Table with MatchFit Clamping

A few months ago, WoodEzine reported on a new clamping system from MicroJig that uses shop-made dovetail grooves to let a woodworker clamp almost anywhere on a benchtop. Now MicroJig has teamed up with Powermatic to introduce a new and very innovative drill press table that incorporates the MatchFit clamping system. The table upgrade bundle is for Powermatic’s impressive PM2820 EVS drill press, and it includes two dovetail clamps, two X-pads, six dovetail track screws and an MDF modular table that replaces the standard table. The clamp kit allows users to draw on the possibilities of in-line clamping with unrestricted clamp positioning. The MicroJig team worked closely with Powermatic engineers over the course of a year to refine the table’s design.

The MatchFit dovetail track system is designed to deliver all the functionality of T-track and T-track accessories, but at a fraction of the cost. A woodworker can use any standard 1/2”, 14-degree dovetail router bit to create clamp tracks in jigs, workbenches and fixtures. The clamps themselves have heads that fit in those standard dovetail grooves without the need for a track. They have a generous 8-1/2” inch capacity and two-way clamping force when used with the X-Pad which pushes down and sideways simultaneously. They can hold round stock, and there’s a coil that prevents the arm from dropping – a huge convenience when working on longer pieces.

Powermatic’s PM2820 EVS drill press has a gear driven electronic variable speed motor for superior torque and efficiency. That means no more belts and pulleys, and no more downtime associated with that kind of speed changing. The press has two speed ranges, from 150 to 870 RPM and from 600 to 3600 RPM. The table tilts to a full 90 degrees.