MicroJig’s New Fitfinder 1/2 Gauge

MicroJig’s New FitFinder Gauge

The new Fitfinder 1/2 does two things. It automatically finds the center of stock up to 3”, and then transfers that to all kinds of machine set-ups. It makes joinery easier, faster and more accurate.

This handy gauge (item FN12, $34.99) lets a woodworker find the center of material without measuring. It’s an all-in-one automatic center gauge for material up to 3″ thick and it can be used when setting fences, transferring cutting depths, and creating joints.

The magic is in a pair of legs that move together. When woodworkers set the big leg (called the P2 leg) on top of the material, a second leg (the P3 leg) automatically moves to indicate the exact center of the stock. This measurement can then be locked and used to set up machines or mark parts as needed.

The new gauge works for square, rectangular, or round stock. A woodworker can use it to set fences for re-sawing, or to center blanks for between-center (spindle) work on the lathe, or to lock in a measurement and transfer it to the router or table saw to set cutting depth for flawless lap joints.

It was designed in the USA and is made in Taiwan.

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