TrackClamp and TrackLock from Milescraft

Milescraft Clamps and Accessories For T-Tracks

The new TrackClamp (item 4021, $19.99, two in the package) from Milescraft are compact and lightweight, and they let a woodworker use tracks and guides without the clamp getting in the way. They can be used in a wide variety of T-track and saw-guide setups such as locking a saw guide in place, or perhaps holding work down to a drill press table that has T-slots in it. They have a non-marring swivel pad that prevents damage to finished workpieces, and a decently-sized ergonomic knob for easy adjustment. They can clamp up to a 4″ thick board (throat depth), and the tongue width is 2-1/4”. The tongue width is 15/32” for a 1/2″ nominal track.

The company has also just released its new Tracklock accessory (item 4022, $9.99) which is a base that converts a woodworker’s toggle clamps for use on T-Tracks of different sizes. The TrackLock is compatible with any brand or size of bench clamp that mounts with a 5/16”-18 fastener. Included are four different sizes of T-Bolt fasteners to convert any bench clamp from 1/4″ T-tracks to 13mm, 23mm, 30mm, or 35mm tracks. This makes it compatible with virtually every workshop track system on the market. The solid, heavy-duty base helps spread clamping pressure evenly across your tabletop, reducing track tear-out. A non-marring base shoe prevents scratching and damage to the worktable.