Milk Paint, Finishing Creams and Crackle Paint from Garrett Wade

In Colonial times, traveling painters would carry a collection of dry pigments and rely on a local lye pit and their customer’s cow or goat milk to mix into their paints.

Milk paint has survived the test of time. Now, Garrett Wade is offering a collection of Real Milk Paint Co. paints that are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, made from 100% organic material, and safe for kids and pets alike. With these products a woodworker can easily create a smooth finish or an antiqued look. Each pint-sized container contains a powdered mix that creates 1-¼ cups of paint when mixed with an equal part of water. As a rule of thumb, the stock formulation will cover about 35 sq. ft. of surface area. Available colors ($16.50) are Barn Red, Blue Spruce, Warm Ash, Soft White, Arabian Night, Sky Blue and Riverstone.

Also new to the catalog are Finishing Creams from the Real Milk Paint Co. These creams (Low Sheen 98M04.06 and Gloss 98M04.05, $28.50 each) will give any project, whether it has a painted or natural wood finish, a long-lasting protective, washable topcoat. They go on easily, won’t affect the underlying color, and are ideal for surfaces new or old, particularly in high-contact areas like kitchens and bathrooms—think counters, tabletops, windowsills, even walls and trim. Odorless, water-based, and completely VOC-free, they can be also be used between layers of paint (not just the Real Milk Paint Co. products) as a barrier layer. Apply with a brush, rag, or sponge, and clean-up is a snap with just soap and water. Best of all, your newly sealed surface will be ready to wash and use in only 24 hours. The Gloss finish cream will bring a real shine to your finish, while the Low Sheen adds just a hint of luster. They’re tough and eco-friendly.

Garrett Wade says that the third new product, Natural Crackle Paint Finish (98M04.09, $20.99) is astonishing to see in action. A natural, non-toxic, biodegradable gelatin, it dries to a clear satin finish and goes on easily with a roller or brush. Apply two coats of a base color (this is what will show through the cracks) and then two coats of Crackle, and then two coats of your top color. Let it dry and you’ve got an instant antique. It comes in a 16 oz. bottle and lasts up to two years, or you can freeze it!

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