Wrecker Sawzall Blades with Nitrus Carbide

Milwaukee Adds Next Gen Sawzall Blades

Milwaukee has added new Wrecker™ blades with Nitrus Carbide™ for multi-material cutting with a Sawzall®. The company says they are “the fastest cutting and longest life multi-material blade on the market”. Each blade features a 6TPI (teeth per inch) design to cut materials ranging from wood with nails and screws in it to thick metals. Milwaukee notes that the Nitrus Carbide blades deliver twice the life of standard carbide teeth blades, reducing the need for blade changes when cutting a variety of materials. They are available in 6” (48-00-5271, $15.97), 9” (48-00-5272, $19.97) and 12” (48-00-5273, $24.97) lengths, and are ideal for demolition and remodeling jobs.