Milwaukee’s New Lasers

Milwaukee Tool has unveiled its first full lineup of lasers and accessories. There are two lasers that work with the M12™ battery, and three that use Redlithium™ USB rechargeable batteries. The former are a green 360-degree 3-plane laser (3632-21), and a green crossline & plumb points unit (3622-21). The latter also include a green crossline & plumb points laser (3522-21), plus a green crossline laser (3521-21), and a green 3-point laser (3510-21).

With the M12 battery, users can get 15+ hours of continuous run-time. These bright green lasers offer visibility up to 125’ standard and up to 165’ with a laser detector. For fast setup, they all have micro control adjustments that pivot on point, delivering precise control and faster point to point alignment. Amplified rare earth magnets provide a secure hold on steel studs or other ferrous material. Each is impact rated for drops up to one meter and IP54 rated in harsh jobsite conditions.

Each of the Redlithium USB batteries is equivalent to 6,000 alkaline disposable batteries, and the three units let users see lines up to 100’ (165’ with a laser detector). These, too, have micro control adjustment. The 3-point laser also has an adjustable clearance bracket for setting up over steel stud track and for aligning with points on the floor. The USB crossline & plumb points unit and the crossline laser deliver 8+ hours of constant run-time on a single charge, and the 3-point laser will run up to 15+ hours. Milwaukee also offers a target, a bracket and a track clip as optional accessories.