MortiseMatch from Woodpeckers

MortiseMatch from Woodpeckers

Woodpeckers new MortiseMatch™ does the same thing for the Festool® Domino™ joiner that a router table does for a router. It turns the hand-held power tool into a precision stationary machine where the woodworker brings the work to it, rather than taking the Domino to the work. It simplifies working on small stock, keeps work better aligned to the cutter, and speeds up the mortising process. Mounting takes just seconds using two machine screws that thread into holes that are already in the base of the Domino (both models).

The idea for this tool came about when Woodpeckers employees were trying to use the Domino on narrow, mitered frames and there just wasn’t enough surface to balance it. Plus, the indexing flaps were too far from the mortise position. In normal hand-held use, 10mm (a little over 3/8″) is the fixed distance from the base of the Domino to the center of the mortise. The MortiseMatch carriage puts the Domino on a platform that adjusts below the table, taking the minimum center down to 6mm (about 1/4″). That means a shop can put floating tenons in the center of stock as thin as 1/2″ and reference from a large, flat table surface. Conversely, the carriage can position the mortise 30mm (about 1-3/16″) from the table, allowing for centering on stock that is 2-3/8″ thick, even with the smaller DF-500 Domino. Throughout that range, the Domino always remains parallel with the table surface, and two knobs lock it in place.

Keeping faces aligned with a hand-held Domino can be difficult and it’s easy to mortise the wrong face of a workpiece. With MortiseMatch, aligning faces and edges is automatic for both butt joints and mitered joints. The slots in the table are sized perfectly for track clamps too, but if the woodworker needs to use the joiner as a hand-held tool it isn’t necessary to completely remove the MortiseMatch carriage from the Domino – just pop out one screw, and the assembly comes off.

MortiseMatch is made in Strongsville, Ohio and is being offered at a special introductory price before May 2, 2022 ($649.99). Delivery is scheduled for September 2022.