MPOWER’s Side by Side SBS Sharpening System

MPOWER’s Side by Side (SBS) Sharpening System

New from MPOWER Tools Ltd is a comprehensive bench stone sharpening package that includes three diamond plates that are mounted side-by-side on a high tolerance machined platform. Each of the three has a removable magnetic lid with a leather stropping surface on its top. The grades of diamond are 300, 600 and 1200. There are three on-board strops (two finishing grade and one fine grade), along with three uniquely formulated grades of polishing wax (1800, 2500 and 5000). There’s also a 30ml bottle of fully synthetic diamond lapping fluid and a diamond stone cleaning block, all of which arrives in a custom tough canvas storage case. Compared to using a traditional double sided 8” diamond stone (where you mount one side/grade in the holder, use it, clean it off, re-set it to the other grade and start again), the SBS is ready to go right away. These are the first diamond stones to come with an interconnected nonlinear diamond recess pattern, for excellent swarf removal. And the base is larger in size than the diamond surface, for improved stability. The company based its decision to offer the stropping on convenience and reduced cost, space and messiness. For example, regular maintenance of waterstones requires a lapping plate to regularly flatten the surface, and submersion in water. MPOWER pioneered the use of high-tolerance aluminum extruded cores with 3M adhesive bonded electro plating diamond plates as the surface, resulting in the flattest diamond stones available with a tolerance of +/- 0.00175”. Each Side by Side is made in Salisbury in the U.K. and every stone undergoes eleven different tests to ensure that it meets the very highest standards possible. The SBS system can handle any size of bevel edged chisel, carving tools, plane Irons, some types of turning tools, scissors, kitchen and hunting knives, and even drill bits. There’s a YouTube™ video.