2" flap sanding wheels from Worx

New 2” Flap Sanding Wheels from Worx

Worx has introduced some new flap sander wheels to complement its very affordable MakerX brand angle grinder. These are ideal for heavy stock removal, cleaning up old finishes and paint, and doing a little reshaping of parts and joinery. The wheels are two inches in diameter, so they can sneak into spots where standard 5” discs can’t go.

Sold in 5-packs, the wheels are listed at $12.99 and come in two new grits. The 120 grit versions are item WA7255, and the 60 grit are WA7253. Worx says that they are “perfect for sanding small areas, rounding over edges, and removing paint”. The company also notes that they are compatible with 2” grinders from other tool brands that have a 3/8” arbor hole.

The 20-volt MakerX angle grinder from Worx (item WX741L.9) runs $49.99 and comes with a 3-year warranty plus a 30-day guarantee.