New Animated Movie from Ecogate Explains On-demand Dust Collection

New Animated Movie from Ecogate Explains On-demand Dust Collection

The latest video from Ecogate uses an entertaining animation to illustrate the benefits of using an on-demand collection system over a traditional dust control set-up. It can improve a woodshop’s dust and fume collection by applying technology and controls, and there are versions for every shop size. The direct savings in electricity that results from the installation of the patented system improves the lives of shop owners and employees, reduces costs and contributes to the health of the planet.

Dust and fume extraction systems for woodshops have worked on the same principles for the past seventy years – suck all the air from all the places where dust or fumes could possibly be produced, and do that all day, every day. Ecogate likens that to air conditioning every room in a hotel because a guest might be in one, although most rooms are empty. It’s not very smart. By directing suction exactly where it’s needed in real-time using intelligent controls, Ecogate systems use one third of the electricity used by traditional systems while making every other part of the system work better. Air quality, electricity use, and noise levels are all improved.

If the dust or fume collection/exhaust ventilation accounts for more than 35% of a woodshop’s total electricity bill, this is the way to go. It’s also the best solution if fine airborne particles are having an impact on the health and safety of employees, or if a shop is committed to reducing its environmental footprint.

Upgrading to on-demand dust collection will generate a positive ROI from the capital investment required to comply with laws and regulations. It will also generate automatic reports that give a shop manager a full suite of detailed analytics for review and usage understanding. That can inform decisions such as where to focus preventative maintenance.

Ecogate starts the dust collector when work begins and turns it off at the end of the shift. Dust that isn’t adequately removed is harmful to employees’ health and ultimately poses fire and explosion hazards. Plus, the system is designed for long-term use in tough industrial environments.

The new movie is less than two minutes long and provides a quick insight into the enormous amount of energy that is wasted in systems that don’t have intelligent controls. It’s well worth a look.