Two new drawer assembly machines from Grass USA

New Benchtop and Floor Model Drawer Assembly Presses from Grass

Grass USA in Kernersville, North Carolina has announced the addition of two new drawer assembly machines to its catalog. The new presses allow woodshops to assemble the company’s Vionaro, Nova Pro, and Nova Pro Scala double-wall drawer systems more easily, and faster.

The smaller of the two machines, the ZMV-FIX H250, is a benchtop model that has a light frame construction and weighs 26.5 lbs. This unit (item F146132388201) is suitable for individual production and it assembles drawers with side heights of 63mm (approx. 2-1/2”), 90mm (3-1/2”), 122mm (4-3/4”), 186mm (7-1/4”), and 250mm (9-3/4”). It can handle variable drawer widths up to 1200mm (47-1/4″).

The lager Tecmator ZP-N-Wood H186 is a floor model pneumatic machine that is designed for high volume, low cost and quick drawer assembly of the Nova Pro and Nova Pro Scala drawer systems.  This machine (item F146032089299) assembles side heights of 63mm, 90mm, 122mm, and 186mm, and handles nominal lengths of 270mm to 650mm (about 10-1/2” to 25-1/2”). It will accommodate variable drawer widths up to 1200mm (47 1/4″).

Both machines are designed for wooden backs only. As of today, neither has yet appeared on the Grass website so woodworkers may need to contact their distributor for more info.