New Compact CNC Drilling Center

SCM Woodworking Technology in Duluth, Georgia has introduced the morbidelli cx210/cx220 (two versions), which the company says is a woodshop’s best solution for batch-1 processes. It allows drilling on five sides of a panel, plus grooving and routing operations. There are no manual interventions on the machine between two operations, so there can be an uninterrupted machining cycle. The center is also available with an automated panel return conveyor, for a continuous cycle production. There’s zero play during machining with the new RO.AX technology (Roto-axial spindle), which has rotation speeds up to 8000 rpm. And SCM says the drilling heads require only about one fifth of the maintenance costs required by the majority of its competitors. To reduce machining time, the new machine has two drilling heads with independent Y and Z axes, and automatic program management means they can machine a panel at the same time. There’s no parts scratching thanks to a new worktable (bottom left) designed for lacquered and delicate panels. And there’s reduced cycle time and no repositioning because a new clamp design (top left) allows drilling and routing operations even on the inside of the clamping area.