New Cordless 12 Volt Sanders from Metabo

New Cordless Sanders from Metabo

Metabo has introduced three PowerMaxx 12-Volt sanders with detail (triangular, model SMA 12 BL), round (random orbit, model SXA 12-125 BL) and rectangular (orbital, model SRA 12 BL) hook and loop bases. Each can be ordered with either a Metabox 215 toolbox (part of Metabo’s ABS plastic heavy-duty tool storage system) or a standard cardboard box. The orbital sander has two base pad sizes – 80x133mm (3.15” x 5.24”) and 190x150mm (7.48” x 5.9”), and it can be ordered with either or both.

The sanders are very light, and their low overall height makes them comfortable to use and easy to control as the handle is close to the pad. They have non-slip, soft grips. These are low vibration tools with variable speed and a textile dust bag. That can be replaced with a connection to a shop vacuum or dust collector using a coupling (item 630798000).

They also have clever removable protectors (plastic bumpers around the pad) that protect adjacent surfaces and increases the service life of the sanding plate. And they come with an attachment point for hooking on a safety strap when working up ladders or on scaffolds.