New Drilling and Doweling Jigs at Garrett Wade

New at Garrett Wade are a couple of drill-related catalog listings that are being offered at what seem very reasonable discounted prices. The first is a set of three tools called the Everyday Drill Set (item 91G01.10, $109.90, available February 25th), which includes multiple copies of the smallest and most common bit sizes. There are 160 titanium-coated, high speed steel bits that work for all woods and soft metal, in 14 sizes from 3/64” to 3/8″. There’s also a flexible shaft with a chuck that will run off a portable drill. It has a 54″ length and a common 3/8″” chuck (forward rotation only). And the last part of the package is a portable drill guide jig that delivers the effects of a drill press when using a portable drill. It has integral V-guides for drilling round stock, and a depth stop.

The other interesting entry is a #2 Doweling Jig (item 41J01.03, $48.80, in stock) that automatically centers a hole in the middle of a board, and clamps to boards from 7/16” to 2-1/8” thick. The 4 holes are threaded to take replaceable bushings (2 each ¼”, 5/16”, and 3/8″), which means a woodworker can drill multiple combinations without moving the jig. The company notes that there is less set-up and noise than when using a biscuit joiner.