Peterson’s Portable Sawmills

New Engine Option for Peterson’s Portable Sawmills

Peterson Portable Sawmills is a New Zealand manufacturer of high-quality mills that are distributed in the U.S. through Sawyer’s Choice in Willits, California. Marketing specialist Maurice van Liempd is based at the New Zealand factory, and this morning he let WoodEzine know about a new engine option that’s available and in stock.

“While the world appears to be slowly recovering from the pandemic,” Maurice wrote, “the negative effects on global supply chains are looking to last well into 2022. With the current increased, global demand for portable sawmills, all manufacturers are facing the same shortage of components.”

With that in mind, Peterson Sawmills has taken a proactive approach and has actively searched for alternative mill parts to offset its reliance on individual suppliers. The company has researched various engine brands and models and has decided to add the Honda iGX800 to the range of motor options. This is a rugged, 780cc engine that offers great fuel efficiency. It’s reliable, compact and fits comfortably on the company’s 8” mills. It has more than enough power (net 25 HP) to drive the 10” mills too, and it has been performing extremely well in the field. The iGX800 has an integrated electronic self-tuning regulator (STR) governor and will always run smoothly, no matter what altitude it’s at. It’s fully CE-certified and compliant with stringent emission rules. For more efficient, faster cutting than ever, this engine option is now available on selected Peterson models (ATS, WPF and ASM).

The company offers a full range of machines from serious hobbyist models to viable commercial sawmills. In business for more than thirty years, their mills have earned a solid reputation worldwide.