New EVO moisture meters from Merlin

New Non-Destructive Moisture Meters from Merlin

Merlin Technology Inc. in Mount Prospect, Illinois was chosen as a finalist in the general category of the 2021 AWFS® Fair’s Visionary New Product Awards for its new line of pin-less, non-intrusive, non-destructive moisture meters that don’t leave small holes in the wood. The models include the EVO WW for wood products with a planed surface (up to 20mm or 3/4” scanning depth), and the EVO SM which is designed for wood products with a rough sawn surface (up to 40mm or 1-1/2” scan depth). They are especially useful for sawmill operators and furniture builders.

To determine the material moisture or the water content of material, a woodworker just needs to press the moisture meter flat on the product. Within seconds, the meter will show the water content of the wood that lies within the range – for example, 0” to 1-1/2” deep.

In woodworking, ‘moisture’ describes the weight of the water as a percentage of the weight of the wood, so some freshly harvested species can actually be above 100% moisture content. These meters are designed to read content in wood that is air or kiln dried, or in the process of being dried.  

The devices have three different measuring depths for various applications. As soon as a meter is pressed against the wood to be measured, the measuring field automatically changes. This change is processed and evaluated, and then the display shows the moisture content as a percentage.

The new EVO meters have 21 pre-programmed lumber groups, and the wood type and density are selectable in a display menu. They can handle a wide density range from 10.93 to 67.11 lbs./ft³ (175 to 1,075 kg/m³).

The meters have a high-resolution (128 x 64) matrix display with a temperature indicator, screen lighting, a hold function (which can be handy for overhead measurements) and a soft case. They also have a rubberized grip for a better hold. There is a language selection option (for example, French or English for Canadian woodworkers), plus the automatic calibration function and a quick calibration curve selection function. Some accessories and special sensors are available, too.

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