New products from CMT Orange Tools

New Products from CMT Orange Tools

Not yet in stores, but something that woodworkers are going to find interesting is a simple handle from CMT that accepts 12.7mm – 1/2 “universal shank reciprocating saw blades. Called the JS001, it offers the option of switching between fine and coarse blades with the added benefit of good control over small cuts. (Think how handy it would be in gypsum board.) Also from the Orange Tools folks is a range of circular saw blades in sizes from 7-1/4” to 14” diameter. Called ITK-Xtreme Blades, these are all-purpose cutting tools that cover a wide array of applications and materials. CMT says they have “premium dependable features packed into a unique collection of high-performance blades that are offered at an unbeatable price”. The Fine Finish blades have “a revolutionary tooth geometry and unique engineered tool body that guarantees outstanding performance, which translates to exceptional cutting quality”. The newest addition to the line-up is CMT’s Xtreme balancing blade which has a newly patented balancing system that guarantees superior micro-balancing, further eliminating vibration and noise. The trademarked Orange Chrome coating prevents sticking, keeps the blade running cool and protects against corrosion. Innovative noise/vibration reduction slots dampen running noise and keep wobbling and vibration at bay. CMT says it guarantees superb fine finishing with no chipping or tear-out as well as the bonus of gluing rip cuts without additional machining.